Nightingale Drive – Harrogate

Set on a quiet cul-de-sac, this property will boast premium accommodation for 6 tenants, boasting facilities and design unmatched anywhere in the HMO sphere to date.

This luxury HMO requires a lot of work to reach the high end finish demanded by this investor, whose aim as always is to devastate the HMO market in their area. Matterport has been key in understanding the 3D space for this project, with the need to convert the garage into a ground floor en-suite bedroom. With low eaves on the 2nd floor, the model was going to be key in visualising the space and getting a handle on what was achievable.

We were able to complete the model and initial redesign less that 24 hours after the Matterport survey. Watch for updates as we add walls and doorways, plan the electrical routes, add WiFi and work with the interior design team to make this one of the smartest HMOs on the market.

Pre-Refurbishment - Initial Scan

Explore the property in full walk-through 3D using the Matterport scan below, and see how the process starts.

Interactive model of the redesign - Explore the model yourself. What would you do differently?

Click to activate the client’s model part way through the redesign, and get a sense of how it feels to be part of the redesign process.

The finished result

Explore the newly refurbished property in this link!

This project looks incredible, and we were so happy to have been a part of the design process. It was an odd shape, so fitting it all together was a labour of love, but this HMO is worth every hour spent on it!

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