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Pre-Refurbishment Service – now with Matterport!

We have revolutionised the process of property redesign. From small refurbishments needing additional bathrooms, to larger developments with full plans and structural calculations needed, we have the system you need to achieve it all with minimum fuss and informed expertise.

We use our Matterport Pro2 3D Camera as a design tool, rather than just a virtual tour camera, completely changing the face of the project planning phase for leading edge investors.

We build from scratch, a fully editable 3D model of your property, for you and your designer to visualise the space and make all the edits for you during client calls. This gives us unlimited flexibility in the design process before issuing plans to be used in Planning and Building control drawings for larger projects.

We then generate plans for builders, enabling them to quote for what you want with more certainty, with no add-ons. Electrics, Plumbing, Joinery, Wifi, you name it, we’ve thought of it and it’s all taken care of, before we get to work on site.

No more hand drawn doodles, No more looking at 2D Architect plans. Designing around your tenant for impact and market leading attention to detail is here!

What is the pre-refurbishment service?

The aim of the service is to accurately design your refurbishment, prior to any work. We redesign the project start to finish, with the focus on your customer (tenant), from the larger considerations like en-suite placement and new stud walling, down to the finest details of plug sockets, and light fitting placement. From there we gather detailed quotations and check you are hitting your cashflow objectives through deal stacks.

Site Visit – Matterport Scan

First, we will attend your property as soon as you complete, or as early as possible, to carry out a fully three-dimensional Matterport Survey.

Engineering meets design

Once your model is created the redesign begins. With an array of knowledge and experience as engineers, investors and landlords, coupled with our connections to HMO officers in various councils around the UK, we remodel and redesign your property from top to bottom, with the end tenant in mind and from an informed and up to date standpoint.

We handle everything from producing a specification of works and a timeline for the builders, negotiating the price, producing building control drawings and arranging the necessary site visits that will enable building control sign off for more advanced projects. Any structural engineering calculations and reports required for your build are handled by us once you are happy with your design.

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Remodelling for investors, not artists

Being experienced investors ourselves, we know how to merge functionality with design. It is all too easy to overspend. We keep your profits and your pockets in balance, making sure you get what you want, in the most effective way.

During your project

If you are using us for Project Management, along with your weekly report, you will receive updates using Matterport, in order that you remain up to date as the project progresses, and can inspect the works yourself… from your own desk at home. We do all of the interfacing with the contractors for you!


After your project is complete, following your dressing service, we make a final pass of your brand new, ready to let property. Matterport scans are a fantastic way to increase interest in your property, especially when movement is restricted.

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