I help all investors to visualise their projects, stay compliant and make sure the build goes smoothly.

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The structural / building aspects of property investing needn't be such a barrier to progressive landlords wanting to create amazing spaces for their tenants.

My story started in 2012, graduating the UK’s top ranked University for Civil/Structural Engineering.

Whilst working in Oil and Gas exploration, I needed a way to remotely manage my refurbishments while at sea.

I used AutoCAD and 3D modelling to build a digital replica of my first investment property to show builders what it was that I wanted them to do. After showing the model to other investors and seeing their reaction, I knew I’d found a way I could give back to the community and help others visualise their projects and communicate their ideas effectively.

Six years on at Three Oak Property, we believe that our method of using 3D technology at the front end of property investment, in the design phase, before a project begins, is a 21st century solution to a common investing problem. A remote way for investors to enjoy an accurate and easy to understand redesign process of their properties and to submit planning applications without breaking the bank. We often project manage for our clients too!

We invite you to come along with us on this journey.

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