HMO Virtual Tours, Sourcing, Refurbishment, and Lettings in Kent

How to find an area to invest in for HMO

We take data from a whole heap of government sources: Rightmove, population data, employment data, and a whole myriad of other sources to build a picture of every postcode in the country, not just Kent.

We have a strict set of criteria we adhere to regarding the number of people in each region, the type of housing stock (size and number of bedrooms), the number of houses in that category, employment vs unemployment, the occupation slice of that postcode, average wage, the number of people of working age in that postcode…the list goes on and on.

In order to find the best returns, it is essential to first decide what it is you want to achieve, how hands-on you want to be, and whether there is a market for what you want in that area… In short, there’s no point ‘ self-managing’ an HMO in the Lake District if you don’t drive, have a full-time job and there are only 5000 people in the area, 45% of whom are over 64 or under 16 and wouldn’t live in an HMO (typically)…even if it is cheap.

We could find another strategy in this situation, but that’s not what you came for originally. We can help you find your ideal area, pick your ideal tenant, price your ideal refurbishment, and can even find you a property.

Request our Kent Investment Overview Sheet to find out more about Property investing in Kent.

How can I find a property in Kent to turn into an HMO?

The first thing you need to figure out, is why you want to invest? Is it for cashflow? Or capital growth? Are you in it to replace your income, or to give yourself a pension pot? This will affect the strategies most likely to give you what you want and the more clear your vision, the less likely you are to make a wrong move…

From that point, it’s a case of looking at the housing stock available in the areas that work best for you (size is very important), choosing your ideal tenant so you can plan your refurbishment based on how much that person typically pays, and then stacking the deals available. How many bedrooms? 5-6-7? Will you need planning or is it in an A4 area? How much does your ideal tenant earn and how secure is their job in the current climate? What sector do they work in and are they transient? How much do you have to spend on a refurbishment to attract them? Finding a property is simple…but finding a great HMO investment is difficult.

The best deals are usually off-market, direct to vendor. Contact us for more info and to find out how we go the extra mile to get the extra returns.

How can I get off-market deals in Kent?

Use a combination of techniques, and there are a lot! We use direct mailing campaigns, social media, data scraping software, our network of property sourcer’s, and the fact that agents come to us with properties before they hit the market.

Sourcing is a really time-consuming part of the job. We spend a lot of time on the phone or visiting properties, putting in offers, stacking and restacking deals as the market changes, to make sure that once the property is under contract, we are getting a deal…

But why do that all yourself, when we have done it for you?

Where can I get a 360 virtual tour in Kent?

Three Oak Property offers Matterport virtual tours to all landlords and investors looking to future proof their investment.

As a company, we pride ourselves on using the best, most modern, and most future-proof ways to market your property and design your refurbishment. We use the market leader, Matterport, to keep your property standing out online while looking for tenants. We offer Virtual Tours in Kent and SE London to all landlords, looking to keep their tenants safer during lockdown periods through reduced contact.

With our ‘Remote-Ready’ aim for all of our properties in 2020, we use virtual tours as a cornerstone in providing excellent service in lettings but also keeping all of our staff and tenants happy and safe in these difficult times.

How much is a Virtual Tour?

Matterport Virtual Tours are £250. As we own our own equipment, you don’t pay a mark-up as you might with an estate agent. Once we have the model, we can also help you refurbish completely remotely should you need us to. As we are an investment company, we can look after the maintenance of the property AND take over your lettings, should you wish to keep everything in-house.

We offer preferential rates to all of our clients on refurbishment project management and sourcing, whilst offering competitive and cost price offerings on lettings…

How can I find new tenants Kent?

Is the marketing of your property good enough? If your closest competitor has a contactless new tenant onboarding system and is Remote-Ready, and you don’t, is that making the difference?

Virtual tours, remote key-safes, online marketing, digital signatures on tenancy agreements all help to keep you and your tenants safer and give you the edge… They free up your time as well, which allows you the freedom to do the things you love. We use all of these techniques, and only charge what they cost, in order to make your property ‘Remote-Ready’, which is a huge feature of our strategy of investing into 2021.

Not only will this be a benefit in the Covid-19 pandemic, but, depending on your strategy, will allow you to take a back seat if one day you wish to step back from managing your own properties