The Three Oak Property story so far...

My story started in 2012, graduating the UK’s top ranked University for Civil/Structural Engineering. I immediately landed a job working offshore and spent the next eight years travelling the world on a 92 meter ship, exploring the seabed for subsea oil. In my time off, six months a year, I started investing in property, drawing on the knowledge of my degree, my grandfather’s construction business knowledge and my family’s property investing exploits.

From day one I was hooked, and after purchasing my first property in 2014, I knew I’d found my calling. I used my university learned skills in AutoCAD and 3D modelling to build a digital replica of my first property to show builders what it was that I wanted them to do. After showing the model to other investors and seeing their reaction, I knew I’d found a way I could give back to the community that was already giving me so much, having refinanced my entire deposit and build cost from my first ever property deal!

After investing multiple times in Kent for both myself and other investors, I decided to make the jump to full-time.

Now, years on, at Three Oak Property, our focus is on bringing great property deals to Overseas Investors, giving them the best quality service, tailored to the needs of an investor spending money in another country, and all of the uncertainty that can bring. Having sold many deals and worked with multiple other businesses, we have a reliable power-team of experts for you to access when in our care, who know the requirements of an overseas investor and work with us to deliver clarity, so that you can be best placed to make the key decisions while we control the process on your behalf…although leave the negotiations to us…we love that part! 

We stack the deal with you to help take care of the budget, and consider carefully each project on its merits and risks, being sure you have an exit strategy if the market turns.

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We believe that our method of using 3D technology at the front end of property investment, in the design phase, before a project begins, is a 21st century solution to a common investing problem. A remote way for investors to enjoy an accurate and easy to understand redesign process of their properties. We often project manage for our clients too!

Whether you are looking for a simple Buy-To-Let Property Investment and want a Sourcing Agent with experience, that you can trust, or are looking for a project to get your teeth into, I invite you to come along with us on this journey.

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