I help overseas investors to understand the UK Property market, find them excellent rental properties to purchase, and take care of every step of the buying process.

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Sourcing a good rental property in the UK from overseas can be a challenge. Are you getting a good deal? Can you trust what is being said? Who is on your side?

My sole focus is helping my Overseas clients, mostly from Hong Kong, to buy great properties, in popular areas with minimal fuss, from an informed position. 

My story started in 2012, graduating the UK’s top ranked University for Civil/Structural Engineering. 

With more than 100 offers accepted since the start of 2021, we are active in the marketplace where others aren’t, and my team of deal progressors, legal 500 solicitor partner and build team are kept busy, even when the property market is as competitive as it has ever been in my career.  

My team is waiting to help you on your journey, end-to-end, sourcing, through refurbishment to lettings. We keep everything in-house, and complete quickly to get you cashflowing early and boost your profit!


Let us find you your next investment property in the UK. Get in touch to find out about our latest secured listings or to find out where we invest and why!

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